An interface is at the intersection of behaviour and technology, aesthetics and functionality, user needs and business objectives. The design challenge lies in creating synergy between these elements.


Recent work

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Conception: Information Architecture, User-Task-Flows & WireframesConception
Corporate IdentityCorporate Identity
Duales Studium HomepageDuales Studium Homepage
Screen displaying a list of companies participating in the programmeCompany list
Homepage for studentsHomepage for students

Duales Studium

An online placement community focussing on the German dual academic programme


  • Conception
  • Identity
  • Interface design
  • Frontend development

Duales Studium sets new standards in recruiting students for the dual academic programme in Germany, which allows students to combine work experience with a university degree. This platform aims to bring together students, corporations and universities to facilitate better planning and coordination of the Duales Studium programme. Students can set up their profiles and avail of the extensive database of courses and internship opportunities. Companies can look for appropriate candidates and improve their employer branding by presenting themselves in premium profiles. It also serves as a marketing platform for universities. Using an innovative ‘Matching’ technology, the portal can recommend profile specific courses and job opportunities to students.

My role in this project involved developing the design concept for the portal in close collaboration with the entrepreneurs of Duales Studium. This included creating the information architecture and the visual interfaces. The challenge lay in developing clear user navigation and presenting complex data in a structured and easily accessible manner. »